The best tips for a home office

The best tips for a home office

I have it good. I’m allowed to run a home office and work from home. Maybe you can do that too and be happy. After all, if you get to choose where you work, you prefer to do it in the comfort of your own home.

But that’s where many a person struggles with procrastination and lack of motivation. Our tips will tell you how to work from home in a targeted and concentrated way.

Set up an office

In order to work effectively from home, you should prepare your workplace neatly so that you have all important documents at hand quickly.

If you write on your laptop, you are mobile within your own four walls and can also move from your desk to the kitchen table and continue working there.

Even a small change of location can help you to get new ideas from time to time. You should also remember to take regular breaks and eat enough. But be careful with fatty foods, because they can quickly make you lethargic and tired.

To be able to work, print, fax and access the Internet from anywhere in the house, it is advisable to connect WLAN-enabled devices. Most computers, tablets etc. today have an integrated WLAN function, but older devices can also be upgraded with a WLAN stick.

It is best to have your office as a small room of its own where you can store all your documents centrally. Moreover, nobody can disturb you at your work and you can concentrate on the essentials.

Remove all unneeded documents from your field of vision to clear your mind and to be able to concentrate on what has priority.

Plan and manage your working day

But not only the workplace should be systematically designed, working time and tasks should also be coordinated: It is important for concentrated work from home that you regulate your working day – ideally in the same way as you would at work. So just get up early and start working right away after a short breakfast.

This way you can divide your day into work blocks and spend a few hours on task A and then on task B. In this way, you quickly get structure in your work.

Also not unimportant: to dress appropriately. You may be at home and probably like to dress casually. But the feeling is completely different whether you work in a jogging suit or in jeans and shirt.

If you dress appropriately for the job, you are signalling to yourself that you are on working hours and are working more effectively.